Consultancy Services

Economisti Associati specializes in the provision of economic analysis and business advisory services. In more than 20 years of activity, the company has been involved in over 100 consulting assignments and studies for a variety of clients in more than 70 countries.

Operations concentrate in the following main business areas:

  • SME development & financing (survey of rural SME in Moldova, assessment of an SME financing fund in Poland, review of constraints to SME financing in Djibouti, etc.)
  • export and foreign investment promotion (assistance to SME exporters in Serbia, foreign investment promotion in Romania, survey of foreign investors in East Africa, etc.)
  • sector studies and market surveys (study on competitive practices in the ready mixed concrete industry, study on small scale service providers in water and electricity in developing countries, etc.)
  • business planning and feasibility studies (business plans for new initiatives in ICT and healthcare, feasibility study for a new wholesale market, demand assessment for inland water transport in Northern Italy, etc.)
  • cost benefit and cost effectiveness analyses (cost benefit analysis for the rehabilitation of sewage networks in Hungary, cost benefit analysis of water and sanitation systems in Guyana, etc.)
  • policy advice and institutional strengthening (policy advice to the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Uzbekistan, assistance in the formulation of national development plan in Bulgaria, etc.)